Have you got enough toilet roll?
Sorry to begin this piece with a strange observation – but toilet rolls have become a hot topic! Why? Coronavirus, or Covid-19 for the scientists amongst you. For the first time since the Second World War, our daily lives and freedom could soon, from when I’m writing this, be affected drastically. We’re all used to go where we want, with whom we want, when we want. But Coronavirus is changing all that. There is a high probability in some way or other, that the country will have to go into lock down. That’s why people are panic buying all sorts of things, toilet paper being one of them.
Coronavirus free island
Imagine for a minute that somebody offered you a seat on a private jet. This jet would take you to a beautiful tropical island, sandy beaches, blue sea, and, most importantly, a coronavirus free island. No more panic, no more worry, just lying on a sun lounger sipping fruit cocktails in a coronavirus free private paradise island. Would you jump on that jet?
If we’re honest, we’ll do anything to avoid suffering, to avoid worry. But Easter time tells us that Jesus Christ is very different to us. He is the eternal Son of God. He’d always existed in heaven. Heaven – the true paradise, perfection. This is where the Son of God had lived for eternity. But He left heaven and became a man – God and man in One person, the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you know why He came? Because there had been a deadly virus on earth since almost the very beginning – sin. It’s not a ‘physical’ illness, it’s a problem of our makeup – of who we are. Simply put sin is telling God – no thank you’re not in charge of my life, I’m in charge. I’m the boss – not you God. We’re infected with sin. The Lord Jesus, the Son of God left heaven paradise to save us from our sin.
Now we’ve heard the mantra of coronavirus. If there are any symptoms, we are to isolate ourselves. In a way isolation is a good picture of what happens to us as sinners. God is pure, 100% perfect. Because God is perfect, and we’re sinners, naturally we’re isolated, apart from God – we’re not in a relationship with Him. That’s the punishment of sin – being isolated from God, both now and after we die. But do you know what Easter is all about? Jesus left heaven and came into this sinful world, so that he could die on the cross on good Friday. He cried on the cross: “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” Jesus was left utterly alone on the cross – totally isolated from God. Why? Because he took the punishment for our sin. Jesus took the isolation from God in our place as he died on the cross. For all who trust in Jesus, there is forgiveness, and a true relationship with God. Yes, the Lord Jesus cross really dealt with our sin – we don’t have to be isolated from God anymore. As the title on the front page says – Jesus bore the burden we could not carry. What proves that this is true? Easter Sunday – the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He’s alive! He dealt with sin once and for all.






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