Trystam Hallum smallDeaconslabelledElder

Bethel Baptist Church was established in 1868 and has been an integral part of the life of Georgetown and Tredegar ever since. The current, pastor of the Church is Trystan Hallam.  In June 2021 the remaining deacons were voted unanimously by the church to the position of  Elders and it was agreed to elect Deacons during 2021/22


Left to right: Pastor Trystan Hallam, Ron Harding, Clive Jones, Jeff Williams, Carl Hutchings.

The Church comprises of a group of around 60 Christians who share a real experience of salvation in Jesus Christ and are committed to living our lives through him and supported by Him. None of us were born Christians, but each of us, by various routes, came to understand our need of salvation and found it in Jesus Christ. We are so grateful to him and we meet regularly to worship on Sundays and throughout the week.
We also hold numerous events throughout the year. Please visit our website for up to date information.
We invite you to join with us and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.


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